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1. Club Ride Basics/Organisation

  • I will endeavour to arrive at Discover Bikes already registered with a group via the on-line booking system, if I have been unable to pre-register for the ride I understand that I may not be able to ride with my preferred group if it is already full. I will therefore follow the directions of the Discover Bikes’ staff member who will try to slot me into a suitable group
  • I will arrive in good time, ready for the ride to start at the advertised time
  • I am a current Discover Bikes’ club member (guest riders are always welcome, but we encourage non-members to join if they are enjoying the rides)
  • I will not leave anything behind at Discover Bikes
  • I will stay in the pre assigned group and not change groups, unless prompted to do so by a member of Discover Bikes’ staff
  • I’ll wait in my group’s meeting area in the Discover Bikes’ car park
  • I’ll introduce myself to the group leader and other riders in the group


2. Rules of the Road

  • I will abide by ALL RULES OF THE ROAD
    • I will stop at red lights
    • I will move into single file on narrow roads if cars are coming
    • I will signal before turning
    • I will slow right down for horses
  • I will point out or shout out for hazards e.g. potholes to the other riders


3. Pace

  • I will choose a group that matches the speed I want to ride at – based on the indication of the speed on the entry system, and the speed of the other riders
  • If I’m not sure what pace group to choose, I’ll ask group leaders and riders that I’ve previously ridden with which group will suit me
  • I will try to keep the pace steady – I will not accelerate drastically at the front of the group, or try to ride away from the other riders
  • I will keep an eye out for riders behind me
  • If other riders are dropped I will let the group know and slow down for them
  • I will do my turns on the front
  • I will hold a straight line, whether on the front, or directly behind the rider in front (not off to the side)


4. Kit and Equipment

  • I will wear a helmet at all times on the club ride
  • I will ensure my bike is roadworthy
  • If my bike has tri-bars, I won’t ride on them in a group
  • I will ensure I have the means to fix my own punctures
  • I will bring enough fluid and food for the ride (and maybe some extra just in case)